AXDT (Desktop) / AXFT (Floortop)

Bundle Note Counting Machine

A Bundle note counting machine is a high performance vacuume suction based machine. At Axioms we ensure othat we used the best part in manufacturing our bundle counting machine. The spindle used in our machine is made from high quality steel using computerized numerical controlled process to get high accuracy.

According to yout requirement our bundle note couting machine is avaliable in desktop as floortop type.


Our Bundle Note counting machine is a high performance machine for facilites involhing high cash transaction.

  • High Performance Vaccume Pump
  • The vacumme pump used by us give appropriate suction required to get flawless counting result.

  • Chrome Plated Metal Finger Spindle
  • We use Chrome Plated Metal Finger Spindle so as to avoid wear and tear due to oxidation.

  • Vacuum Suction Counting
  • Free Counting Mode
  • Batch Mode
  • Add Mode
  • OK Stamp
  • Check Mode
  • Memory Function
  • Hopper Capacity 200 notes
  • Speed :100 n/s
  • Power supply : 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz.
  • Controlling Platform: Micro-controller Controlled Cash Counting
  • Weight : 24 KG (AXDT); 30 KG (AXFT)
  • Dimension :370mm×455mm×200mm (AXDT); 370mm×310mm×835mm (AXFT)